Beaches in Sihanoukville

Cambodia is not just a legacy of ancient temples and stone ruins. In a peninsula off the Gulf of Thailand lies the picturesque town of Sihanoukville. Created as a seaport town only in the 1960s, it has quickly gained renown for its fine, near-white sand beaches.

Sihanoukville’s location makes it a prime spot for numerous beach resorts in the area. While most are open to the public, some are privately reserved for their resort guests, like Sokha and a part of Independence. Some beaches are rocky and not ideal for swimming, while most have white sand.

Most tourists frequent the beaches nearest town, i.e., Victory, Serendipity, Independence, Sokha, and Ochheuteal.  Just around 5 minutes away from the center, these are usually bustling with foreign and local tourists alike. The big beaches are full of grass hut bars and restaurants and a number of small shacks offering fish barbeque and other seafood dish and cold drinks. Beach umbrellas are a common sight in most beaches, too, and the night parties are loud and fun.

Ochheuteal Beach is the most popular in Sihanoukville. Beach stands and chairs dot the 2-km long property and there are always a lot of people lounging around. A variety of hotels and restaurants are just across the street, offering the budget-conscious tourists a choice for their money.

Serendipity—called the Western Beach—is pretty popular, located as it is near one end of Ochheuteal. The beach stands that are commonly seen in Ochheuteal are not present, though, replaced with Western bars and restaurants, hence its moniker.

There are other beaches a bit further away. Otres Beach, for example, is around 15 minutes away and is a quieter version of Ochheuteal. It is less developed and there are no hotels nor large restaurants, and there is no public electricity! It is the choice of those who want to sleep in a tent on the beach for only $1-2.

From downtown, take a motorcycle taxi to reach any of the major beaches. Drivers usually charge around $1 for a trip, and tuktuks double that amount. From the resorts, it is easy to rent a boat or join boat tours to go island hopping, snorkeling, or fishing.

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