Cargo shipment up 18 pct in Sihanoukville port

Cargo shipments in the Sihanoukville Autonomous Port (SAP) has increased 18 percent in the first six months of 2014, figures from Cambodia’s biggest shipping facility show.

Approximately 1.79 million tons of goods had passed through the port from January to June 2014, up from 1.51 million tons in the same period last year.

Products imported into the country were garment raw materials, construction materials, autos, machinery, petroleum and daily consuming foods. Cargos exported from the country included agricultural products, shoes and apparel.

The Kingdom imported 575,600 tons of petroleum through SAP in the six-month period, an increase of 13 percent from the same period in 2013.

Ma Sunhuot, deputy director general of the port, attributed the continued growth in cargo shipments to better economic situation and business climate.

“We saw a particular increase in the exports of garments and footwear,” he said. “On the import side, there was a surge in construction materials and petroleum.”

The garment and footwear industry is the country’s biggest foreign exchange earner.

The Kingdom exported US$2.92 billion worth of apparel and shoes in the first six months of the year, up 16 percent from the same period last year, a recent report from the Ministry of Commerce show.

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