Public Telephones in Sihanoukville

Cambodia’s Country Code is (855). The area code for Sihanoukville is (034).

Most hotels and guesthouses in Sihanoukville offer international calls. Some convenience stores may also have the same service, with the rate ranging from around $1.50 to $5.00 per minute. A prepaid phone card may need to be purchased to make the call. Remember to ask for instructions when making international calls from Cambodia, as the telephone number must be preceded with ‘001’ or ‘007.’ Calls made during weekends may sometimes be cheaper than calls made on weekdays.

Domestic calls are available as well. Cambodian phone numbers start with ‘0,’ and when one wants to call a domestic number, the ‘0’ needs to precede the number being called.

Here are some emergency numbers to dial in Sihanoukville:

  • Sihanoukville Police: 117
  • Police Assistance (in other languages, e.g., French, English): 017-816601, 018-811542
  • Police Assistance for Foreigners: 023-36684, 023-366841, 023-724793
  • Fire Department: 118
  • Medical Emergency: 119
  • Sihanoukville Hospital: 034-93311

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