Steung Hauv

Steung Hauv is a quiet fishing town around one hour from Sihanoukville. If one wants a totally authentic Cambodian life, this is the place to be. There are no hotels and guesthouses, and there are no restaurants selling international cuisine. It is simply a fishing community.

As such, activities in the town are limited. There are the ubiquitous food stalls selling freshly caught and cooked seafood, a road to drive in and around, and also a dock from where the daily lives of Cambodian fishers can be observed.

Getting to Steung Hauv is easy; a car or a moto-taxi can take anyone to the town from Sihanoukville. It must be remembered though that the fare must be negotiated with the moto-taxi driver prior to leaving for Steung Hauv.

There are no electric lights on the road back to Sihanoukville, so tourists who want to go back to town must leave Steung Hauv before sunset.

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