Victory / Hawaii Beach

Victory Beach is actually divided into two areas: Victory on the north, and Hawaii Beach on the south. Of the two, Victory is the more popular with tourists, situated as it is at the foot of Victory Hill.

Victory is shorter in area compared to Ochheuteal, but it has a beautiful view of the sunset and has the singular feature of having a Russian plane (Antonov AN-24) for a restaurant-cum-disco house. A little distance from the club are some beachside shacks selling seafood barbeque and local dishes, not to mention offering the standard beach chair and umbrellas.

For budget travelers looking for cheap accommodation, the area near Victory Hill offers a treat. Along the side of the hill are numerous basic cottages and guesthouses offering a wonderful view at a low price. At the top is Sihanoukville’s nightlife hotspot, and there are several bars along the road which sometimes makes it hard for the partygoer to choose which to enter. Some remain open till the early dawn.

Hawaii Beach is more popular for local tourists—especially those coming from Phnom Penh.

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